The Knowledge about Nike shoes

Nike running shoes have numerous scientific and technological innovation of sports shoes technology, founded in the early to Nike Cortez in the bottom of the sandwich technique, Nike shoes probably divided into AIR MAX series NIKE FREE series of air cushion, SHOX series .Different styles of shoes have different characteristics.
Air max shoes nike developed in 1978 and the following year the Nike Air Technology on the market, at the time the technical content of the styles were ordered for Nike Air Max 87, now has been appeared in the engraved version. Nike air max 1 based launched a lot of new air max nike running shoes products, mainly popular with Nike Air Max 95, air Max97, air max 180, air max 90, air max Powerwall and so on running shoes
Nike free Nike training is one of the 12 years of the most popular Nike running shoes, nike free most of the features of the let feet to simulate barefoot feeling, can let your foot, bending and holding onto the ground, like barefoot running. If you press the Nike shoes flexibility rating, 0 to run barefoot, 10 for ordinary running shoes. Nike shoes launched FREE 3, FREE 5, FREE 7, FREE EVERYDAY, FREE RUN+ and other FREE styles
Nike shox columns series is Nike running shoes, the most low-key a sports shoes, do not know what reason sales in the domestic market is very limited. But the European and American markets have a very high share of. All nike shox shoes outside the one pillar will slightly short, because this is running when the foot of the first place, to protecting the column is too long and lead to excessive turnover. Skid resistance Nike runningshoes SHOX good. Using this technique Nike Shox running shoe style R4 series, Shox TL series and so on .
To understand the characteristics of Nike shoes ,choose the right shoes, can help the athletes to exercise a healthy physique .

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